Library of Rhode Island Resource Sharing

Resource sharing in the Library of Rhode Island (LORI) network enables Rhode Islanders to obtain resources from over 200 libraries across the state or from out of the state and pick them up at their local library.

LORI is a multi-type library network coordinated by OLIS and governed by resource sharing standards established by the Library Board of Rhode Island.

Resource Sharing Resource Sharing

LORI Resource Sharing procedures to cover both requesting and supplying among LORI libraries and with libraries beyond the state border.

LORI Delivery Delivery Service

Delivery service is provided to library members of the LORI network for interlibrary loan and other resource sharing activities. 

Regulations Standards and Regulations

The Library of Rhode Island (LORI) Standards and Regulations were approved by the Library Board of Rhode Island and became effective on September 20, 2015. LORI libraries annually certify that they comply with the Standards in order to continue participating in the network.

Key Contacts Resource Sharing Working Group and Key Library Contacts

LORI Resource Sharing Working Group serves in an advisory capacity to OLIS on ILL policies and procedures. Contact the LORI Resource Sharing Working Group for questions or reach out to a specific library Resource Sharing Contacts directly to resolve matters related to resource sharing.

LORI Data LORI Library Technology Scan and Interlibrary Loan Statistics

Summaries and tabulated LORI library technology scan and the interlibrary loan statistics.


Chaichin Chen
Resource Sharing Coordinator