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News & Events

Children's Summer Reading Program Finale 2014
48 kids representing Summer Reading Program participants from RI public libraries across the state took the field at McCoy Stadium on August 19th with their favorite book in hand.

OLIS Continuing Education: Fall 2014
The Fall programs feature youth services, adult services, hands-on sessions on EmployRI, AskRI and more.

Summaries of the FCC 7th Report and Order
FCC and ALA issue summaries to the FCC Report and Order regarding E-rate modernization.

First Mock Newbery Discussion Scheduled
The first Mock Newbery discussion is scheduled for Wednesday, October 1st.

E-rate Modernization
Information of the on-going E-rate Modernization efforts by the Federal Communications Commission, the schools, and the library community.

Youth Services Librarian Departing OLIS
Cheryl Space leaves the Office of Library and Information Services on July 18.

State Aid to Libraries
The approved state budget provides level funding for the grant-in-aid program.

Statewide Summer Reading Program
Everything you need to Fizz Boom Read, Spark a Reaction, or learn the Literary Elements is online.