Children's Services Round Table

Children's Services Round Table


The Office of Library and Information Services supports and promotes library services to children and families by planning and coordinating monthly Children's Services Roundtable (CSRT) meetings at libraries throughout the state.


CSRT is a community of practice that welcomes children's librarians from public libraries, elementary and middle school librarians, and library school students concerned with all aspects of library service to children. CSRT collaborates to produce timely book and resource lists to support librarians and library staff serving children and their families.


Meetings focus on early learning, collection development, innovative programs and services, technology, marketing/public relations, and family engagement. Meeting topics for the year are determined at an organizational meeting held each June. Meetings are generally driven by group discussion, but occasionally feature outside speakers from other youth-serving organizations in Rhode Island or national speakers.



Materials such as book lists, resource lists, and handouts generated by the Young Adult Roundtable will be added to the CSRT LibGuide at Please contact Danielle Margarida with questions related to the LibGuide or CSRT materials.


The RI Young Adult and Children's Services Discussion List (RIYAC) was created November 2019 as a discussion tool and forum for all RI library youth services staff to connect on issues and topics related to youth. The single listserv for youth services will streamline the dissemination of information and facilitate discussion and resource sharing among a broader audience. The RIYAC listserv replaces the YART listserv and the Children's Services Google group and all members of the listserv and Google group have been automatically subscribed to RIYAC. To join RIYAC or inquire about your subscription status please contact Danielle Margarida.