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RI Contract with NEDCC for Services

An Agreement Between the Northeast Document Conservation Center (NEDCC) and the Office of Library and Information Services(OLIS), Rhode Island Department of Administration to Provide Conservation Services. Renewable annually.

  1. NEDCC agrees to provide to OLIS:
    1. Membership and full representation on the NEDCC's Board of Directors and Advisory Committee.
    2. Consultation and advice on implementing the Rhode Island statewide preservation plan.
    3. One free workshop per year on a preservation topic. A second workshop may be presented at a 20% discount.
      1. Staff time, transportation and lodging costs associated with the free workshop shall be borne by NEDCC.
      2. Advertisement, reservation of facilities, registration, etc., for all workshops shall be the responsibility of OLIS.
    4. Availability to develop and present multi-state or regional workshops, subject to the availability of funding for this purpose.
    5. Establishment of a preservation information hotline through email for answering questions.
    6. Promotion to Rhode Island institutions of the availability of NEDCC facilities and services and of the benefits of OLIS' agreement. Brochures, flyers, or other descriptive literature shall be brought or sent to OLIS by NEDCC and distributed to appropriate libraries and public records offices under the supervision of OLIS.
  2. NEDCC agrees to provide to all Rhode Island libraries, archives, and historical organizations:
    1. Conservation treatment of library and archival materials at the in-region rate.
    2. Pick up and return of materials selected for conservation treatment at a central drop-off point up to three (3) times during the year.
    3. A discount of 20% on the price of workshops for individual institutions or groups that seek to present preservation programs.
    4. Answering of technical inquiries by telephone or by email.
  3. Catastrophic Disaster Assistance.
    1. As approved by OLIS and NEDCC, up to two (2) site visits in one year (July 1-June 30) to institutions and agencies experiencing catastrophic disasters.
    2. Staff time, transportation and lodging costs shall be borne by NEDCC for the first two site visits; for subsequent site visits, transportation and lodging costs shall be borne by the institution or agency requesting assistance.
    3. Unlimited telephone consultation; non-profit users can call collect if they need to.
    4. A written report shall be forwarded to the OLIS, Chief of Library Services, following each disaster assistance visit.
  4. The annual fee for the above services will be $2,500.
  5. The agreement will be effective July 1, 2005 and will be reviewed annually with the consent of OLIS and NEDCC.