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Rhode Island Children's Book Award Selection Criteria

  • Titles nominated should be appropriate for grades 3-5.
  • Fiction and non-fiction titles published during the last two years are eligible.
  • Nominated titles must be currently in print.
  • A title listed once may not be nominated again.
  • Only one title per author may be nominated each year.
  • Authors must be currently living in the United States at the time of nomination.
  • Books by co-authors may be considered.
  • The winning author will be excluded from nomination the following year.
  • All nominated books must have literary value and child appeal.
  • Editors of collected works by other authors will not be considered.
  • New adaptations of books published previously will not be considered (e.g., new graphic novel version of a book.)
  • Series books, sequels, and prequels will be considered as long as they can be enjoyed as standalone books by child readers and do not depend on other books in the series to understand the plot, characters, or setting.
  • The final list should be diverse, so a variety of books should be sought for consideration.

Contact Information

Please direct inquiries regarding the Rhode Island Children's Book Award to OLIS Youth Services Coordinator:

Danielle Margarida
Office of Library & Information Services
One Capitol Hill, 4th Floor
Providence, RI 02908