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Comparable Statistics

2015 Annual Report Survey Data

The Office of Library and Information Services makes available for analysis raw data collected through the 2015 Annual Report Survey for Rhode Island Public Libraries. No corrections have been made to the data and it is presented as libraries have reported it.

Please be careful in your use and interpretation of the data. Using numbers out of context or without definitions can be confusing and inaccurate.  If you have questions about using the data, suggestions for improvements, or have developed analyses that would be helpful to the community, please contact Lauren Plews.

Selected Data 2015 (Tableau)


Download the complete 2015 Annual Report Survey Data (Excel spreadsheet 167kb)

Download the 2015 Annual Report Survey

Download the 2015 Annual Report Infographic

Selected Data 2015 (OLIS)

Selected Data and Charts (LibPAS)

The following reports have been generated through LibPAS. Most reports can be sorted by clicking the header of the column and sorted high to low, or low to high. Data on these reports can also be expanded to view all data at the bottom of the page. Data can be charted where a chart icon appears.

All reports can be downloaded in Excel format by clicking the Excel icon on the bottom left of the report.

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