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RI Legislative Updates

Last updated on February 2, 2017. (01:48:00pm EST)

Legislation affecting libraries proposed at the 2017 session of the RI General Assembly
Bill # Sponsor(s) Action taken Hearings
S 106: Act would require the department of education to consider incorporating media literacy education in the basic education program. Senators Satchell, Conley, Metts, and Picard 2/01/2017: Introduced, referred to Senate Education
H 5175: Act making appropriations for the state for fiscal year 2018.

Representative Marvin Abney

1/19/2017: Introduced, referred to House Finance


S 0035: Will increase the state's share to support local public library services in distressed communities, by an amount equal to the amount paid by the distressed city or town into the ocean state libraries (OSL) annual assessment charges. Senator Crowley 1/18/2017: Introduced, referred to Senate Finance.

Rhode Island Library Laws