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LORI Standards

LORI Standards

LORI Certification

Certification Schedule

Tabulated LORI Certification Reports


LORI Standards Certification Schedule

  • Libraries due for full certification on 2017 are to complete the Full Certification by March 15, 2017.
  • Libraries due for full certification on 2018 and 2019 are to renew their LORI membership with Annual Update by March 15, 2017.
Code Library Due for Full Certification
ASH Ashaway Free Library 2017
ATH Providence Athenaeum Library 2018
BAR Barrington Public Library 2019
BCA Colt-Andrews School Library 2018
BGA Guiteras School Library 2018
BGC Hugh Cole School Library 2019
BHS Barrington High School Library 2017
BIS Block Island School Library 2019
BMS Barrington Middle School Library 2019
BRI Rogers Free Library 2017
BRR Brown University - Rockefeller Library 2018
BRW Rockwell School Library 2017
BRY Bryant University - Douglas and Judith Krupp Library 2019
BSH Burrillville Middle School Library 2019
BTH Butler Hospital, Ray Medical 2017
BUH Burrillville High School Library 2017
BUR Jesse M. Smith Memorial Library 2019
BVA St. Mary Academy-Bay View High School Library 2018
BWH Mt. Hope High School Library 2018
CAS Arlington School Library 2019
CBR Chester Barrows School Library 2019
CBS Blackrock School Library 2017
CCW CCRI - Knight Campus Library 2018
CDS Stadium School Library 2017
CDT William Dutemple School Library 2019
CDW Daniel D. Waterman School Library 2017
CEM Western Hills School Library 2018
CEP Eden Park School Library 2017
CES Edward S. Rhodes School Library 2017
CFA Central Falls Public Library 2019
CFH Central Falls High School Library 2017
CGH Glen Hills Elementary School Library 2019
CGN Garden City School Library 2019
CHA Cross'''' Mills Public Library 2018
CHE Cranston High School East Library 2018
CHO Chariho High School 2019
CHS Coventry High School 2017
CHW Cranston High School West Library 2018
CKL Oak Lawn School Library 2017
CKO Alan S. Feinstein Middle School Library 2019
CLA Clark Memorial Library 2018
CLS Stone Hill School Library 2017
COV Coventry Public Library 2017
CPJ George J. Peters School Library 2019
CPK Hopkins Hill School Library 2017
CPV Park View Middle School Library 2018
CRA Cranston Public Library 2019
CRF Orchard Farms Elementary School Library 2017
CST Gladstone Street School Library 2019
CTS Tiogue School Library 2018
CUH Cumberland High School Library 2017
CUM Cumberland Public Library 2019
CVW Western Coventry School Library 2017
CWD Edgewood Highland School Library 2017
CWO Woodridge School Library 2019
CWS Washington Oak School Library 2017
DPL Davisville Free Library 2018
EBF Meadowbrook Farms School Library 2017
EDM James Eldredge Elementary Library 2019
EFT Frenchtown School Library 2018
EGC Archie R. Cole Middle School Library 2019
EGH East Greenwich High School Library 2018
EGR East Greenwich Free Library 2018
EPH East Providence High School Library 2019
EPL East Providence Public Library 2018
ERH Rocky Hill School Library 2019
ERM Martin Middle School Library 2017
ESM East Smithfield Public Library 2018
EWH Exeter West Greenwich High Library 2019
EXE Exeter Public Library 2018
FOS Foster Public Library 2018
GJH Gorton Jr. High School Library 2017
GLO Glocester Manton Free Library 2018
GVL Greenville Public Library 2019
HAN George Hanaford School Library 2019
HAR Harmony Library 2018
HBD Hugh B. Bain Middle School Library 2018
HGE Hope Highlands School Library 2019
HMS Hampden Meadows School Library 2017
HPE Hope Public Library 2019
JAM Jamestown Philomenian Library 2018
JFM Nicolas A. Ferri Middle School Library 2019
JHS Johnston High School Library 2019
JOH Marian J. Mohr Memorial Library 2017
JSL Lawn Avenue School Library 2018
JSM Melrose Avenue School Library 2018
JWA Johnson & Wales University Library (Downtown) 2018
KCM Kent Hospital Library 2018
KMS Kickemuit Middle School Library 2017
LAN Langworthy Public Library 2019
LCO Brownell Library, Little Compton 2017
LIN Lincoln Public Library 2018
LSA La Salle Academy Library 2019
MCT Mercymount Country Day School Library 2018
MID Middletown Public Library 2018
MPS Memorial Hospital Medical Library 2018
MSS Meeting Street School Library 2017
NAR Maury Loontjens Memorial Library (Narragansett) 2018
NET New England Institute of Technology Library 2018
NHR Newport Hospital - Library 2019
NHS Rogers High School Library 2017
NKI North Kingstown Public Library 2018
NPR North Providence Union Free Library 2018
NPS Claiborne Pell Elementary School 2017
NPT Newport Public Library 2019
NRH Narragansett High School Library 2017
NRP Narragansett Pier School Library 2019
NSH Island Free Library 2018
NSJ North Smithfield High School Library 2018
NSM North Smithfield Public Library 2017
NTM Thompson Middle School Library 2017
NYS Nayatt School Library 2017
OLF St. Joseph Health Sciences Library 2019
PAJ Joseph Jenks Junior High School Library 2017
PAS Pascoag Public Library 2018
PAW Pawtucket Public Library 2019
PCL Providence Community Library 2019
PCO Providence College Library 2019
PHS Ponaganset High School Library 2019
PMS Ponaganset Middle School Library 2018
POH Portsmouth High School Library 2018
POJ Portsmouth Middle School Library 2018
POR Portsmouth Free Public Library 2019
PRH Primrose Hill School Library 2017
PRO Providence Public Library 2018
RED Redwood Library and Athenaeum 2019
RHS Rhode Island Historical Society Library 2019
RIA RI Dept of Attorney General Library 2018
RIC RI College - Adams Library 2018
RIH Rhode Island Hospital Library 2019
RLW Rhode Island Law Library 2017
RMS Riverside Middle School Library 2019
RSD RI School of Design Library 2019
RST Rhode Island State Library 2017
RWH Roger Williams Hospital Library 2017
RWL Roger Williams University Law Library 2018
RWU Roger Williams University Library 2019
SAS Saint Andrew's School Library 2018
SCI North Scituate Public Library 2019
SGA Saint George's School Library 2019
SGM Vincent J. Gallagher Middle School Library 2017
SHE Shea High School Library 2018
SHS Scituate Middle/Senior High School Library 2019
SKB Broad Rock Middle School Library 2018
SKI South Kingstown Public Library 2019
SKJ Curtis Corner Middle School 2018
SKS South Kingstown High School Library 2019
SMS Smithfield High School Library 2018
SRC Salve Regina University Library 2018
SST State Street School Library 2017
SWE Sowams Elementary School Library 2017
SWK West Kingston Elementary School Library 2018
THS Tiverton High School Library 2018
TIV Tiverton Public Library 2019
TMS Tiverton Middle School Library 2017
TOL Tolman High School Library 2017
UCA Urban Collaborative Acc. Pgm 2019
URI URI - University Libraries 2019
VAM Veterans Affairs Medical Center 2017
WAH Aldrich High School Library 2018
WAI Women and Infants Hospital Library 2019
WAR Warwick Public Library 2018
WAW Wyman School Library 2019
WBE Bradford Elementary School Library 2017
WCH Cedar Hill School Library 2018
WED Dunn's Corners School Library 2017
WES Westerly Public Library 2019
WGR Louttit Library 2017
WHS Westerly High School Library 2017
WHX Cottrell F. Hoxsie School Library 2018
WIL Willett Free Library 2018
WMS Westerly Middle School Library 2017
WNR Norwood School Library 2017
WNS Woonsocket Public Library 2017
WPH Pilgrim High School Library 2017
WPO Pontiac Free Library 2018
WRH Randall Holden School Library 2017
WRR George Hail Free Library 2019
WSC Harold F. Scott School Library 2018
WSP Springbrook Elementary School Library 2017
WTH Toll Gate High School Library 2017
WVM Warwick Veterans Jr. High School 2017
WWA West Warwick Public Library 2019
WWH West Warwick Sr. High School Library 2017
WWN Winman Junior High School Library 2017


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