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Library Delivery Schedules

Snow Policy: School closings in your city or town due to inclement weather, means there is no delivery
in that city or town on that day.

Code Library Name DOD Hub M T W H F
 CKO  Alan S. Feinstein Middle School Library  DOD             
 WAP  Apponaug Branch Library      M    W    F 
 EGC  Archie R. Cole Middle School Library    EGC  M  T  W  H  F 
 ARL  Arlington Reading Room      M    W     
 CAS  Arlington School Library          W     
 ASH  Ashaway Free Library      M    W    F 
 AUB  Auburn Branch Library      M  T  W    F 
 BHS  Barrington High School Library    BMS           
 BMS  Barrington Middle School Library    BMS    T  W  H  F 
 BAR  Barrington Public Library      M  T  W  H  F 
 CBS  Blackrock School Library  DOD             
 BIS  Block Island School Library  DOD             
 SKB  Broad Rock Middle School Library    SKS           
 BRR  Brown University - Rockefeller Library      M  T  W  H  F 
 LCO  Brownell Library, Little Compton      M  T  W  H  F 
 BRY  Bryant University - Douglas and Judith Krupp Library      M    W  H  F 
 BUH  Burrillville High School Library        T       
 BSH  Burrillville Middle School Library  DOD             
 CCF  CCRI - Flanagan Campus Library      M  T    H  F 
 CCW  CCRI - Knight Campus Library      M  T  W  H  F 
 CCP  CCRI - Liston Campus Library      M    W  H  F 
 CCN  CCRI - Newport Campus Library      M  T  W    F 
 CFH  Central Falls High School Library             H   
 CFA  Central Falls Public Library      M    W    F 
 CHO  Chariho High School        T      F 
 CBR  Chester Barrows School Library  DOD             
 NPS  Claiborne Pell Elementary School            H   
 CLA  Clark Memorial Library      M  T  W  H  F 
 BCA  Colt-Andrews School Library        T       
 WCO  Conimicut Branch Library      M    W    F 
 WHX  Cottrell F. Hoxsie School Library  DOD             
 CHS  Coventry High School              F 
 COV  Coventry Public Library      M  T  W  H  F 
 CHE  Cranston High School East Library      M    W    F 
 CHW  Cranston High School West Library      M         
 CRA  Cranston Public Library      M  T  W  H  F 
 CHA  Cross' Mills Public Library      M  T  W  H  F 
 CUH  Cumberland High School Library          W     
 CUM  Cumberland Public Library      M  T  W  H  F 
 SKJ  Curtis Corner Middle School    SKS           
 CDW  Daniel D. Waterman School Library  DOD             
 DPL  Davisville Free Library      M    W    F 
 WED  Dunn's Corners School Library  DOD             
 EGR  East Greenwich Free Library      M  T  W  H  F 
 EGH  East Greenwich High School Library    EGC           
 EPH  East Providence High School Library        T       
 EPL  East Providence Public Library      M  T  W  H  F 
 ESM  East Smithfield Public Library      M  T  W  H  F 
 CEP  Eden Park School Library          W     
 CWD  Edgewood Highland School Library            H   
 CES  Edward S. Rhodes School Library  DOD             
 EXE  Exeter Public Library        T  W  H  F 
 EWH  Exeter West Greenwich High Library        T    H   
 FOS  Foster Public Library        T    H  F 
 FPT  Fox Point Branch Library      M  T    H  F 
 EFT  Frenchtown School Library    EGC           
 CGN  Garden City School Library        T    H   
 WRR  George Hail Free Library      M  T  W  H  F 
 HAN  George Hanaford School Library    EGC           
 CPJ  George J. Peters School Library         T    H   
 CST  Gladstone Street School Library  DOD             
 CGH  Glen Hills Elementary School Library      M      H   
 GLO  Glocester Manton Free Library      M  T  W    F 
 GRE  Greene Public Library        T      F 
 GVL  Greenville Public Library      M  T  W  H  F 
 BGA  Guiteras School Library      M  T    H    
 HMS  Hampden Meadows School Library    BMS           
 HAR  Harmony Library      M  T  W  H   
 WSC  Harold F. Scott School Library        T       
 HGE  Hope Highlands School Library  DOD             
 HPE  Hope Public Library      M  T  W  H  F 
 CPK  Hopkins Hill School Library  DOD             
 HBD  Hugh B. Bain Middle School Library      M    W     
 BGC  Hugh Cole School Library            H   
 NSH  Island Free Library        T  W    F 
 EDM  James Eldredge Elementary Library    EGC           
 JAM  Jamestown Philomenian Library      M  T  W  H  F 
 BUR  Jesse M. Smith Memorial Library      M  T  W  H  F 
 JWH  Johnson & Wales University (Harborside)      M  T    H  F 
 JWA  Johnson & Wales University Library (Downtown)      M  T  W  H  F 
 JHS  Johnston High School Library      M        F 
 PAJ  Joseph Jenks Junior High School Library  DOD             
 KCM  Kent Hospital Library  DOD             
 KMS  Kickemuit Middle School Library        T       
 SKK  Kingston Free Library      M  T  W  H  F 
 KMA  Knight Memorial Library      M  T    H  F 
 KNV  Knightsville Branch Library      M  T      F 
 LSA  La Salle Academy Library        T    H   
 LAN  Langworthy Public Library      M    W    F 
 JSL  Lawn Avenue School Library            H   
 LIN  Lincoln Public Library      M  T  W  H  F 
 WGR  Louttit Library      M  T  W  H  F 
 JOH  Marian J. Mohr Memorial Library      M  T  W  H  F 
 ERM  Martin Middle School Library        T    H   
 NAR  Maury Loontjens Memorial Library (Narragansett)      M  T  W  H  F 
 EBF  Meadowbrook Farms School Library    EGC           
 JSM  Melrose Avenue School Library        T       
 MCT  Mercymount Country Day School Library      M         
 MID  Middletown Public Library      M  T  W  H  F 
 MTP  Mount Pleasant Branch Library      M  T  W  H  F 
 BWH  Mt. Hope High School Library          W    F 
 NRH  Narragansett High School Library           W    F 
 NRP  Narragansett Pier School Library          W     
 NYS  Nayatt School Library    BMS           
 NET  New England Institute of Technology Library  DOD             
 NPT  Newport Public Library      M  T  W  H  F 
 JFM  Nicolas A. Ferri Middle School Library      M         
 NKI  North Kingstown Public Library      M  T  W  H  F 
 NPR  North Providence Union Free Library      M  T  W  H  F 
 SCI  North Scituate Public Library      M  T  W  H  F 
 NSJ  North Smithfield High School Library            H   
 NSM  North Smithfield Public Library      M  T  W  H  F 
 WNO  Norwood Branch Library      M    W    F 
 WNR  Norwood School Library  DOD             
 CKL  Oak Lawn School Library            H   
 OAK  Oaklawn Branch Library        T  W    F 
 OSL  Ocean State Libraries      M      H   
 DSL  Office of Library and Information Services Library      M  T  W  H  F 
 OLN  Olneyville Branch Library                  
 CRF  Orchard Farms Elementary School Library              F 
 CPV  Park View Middle School Library      M      H   
 PAS  Pascoag Public Library      M    W     
 PAW  Pawtucket Public Library      M  T  W  H  F 
 WPH  Pilgrim High School Library              F 
 PHS  Ponaganset High School Library            H   
 PMS  Ponaganset Middle School Library            H   
 WPO  Pontiac Free Library        T    H  F 
 PAB  Portsmouth Abbey School  DOD             
 POR  Portsmouth Free Public Library      M  T  W  H  F 
 POH  Portsmouth High School Library        T       
 POJ  Portsmouth Middle School Library  DOD             
 PRH  Primrose Hill School Library    BMS           
 ATH  Providence Athenaeum Library          W     
 PCO  Providence College Library      M  T  W  H  F 
 PRO  Providence Public Library      M  T  W  H  F 
 WRH  Randall Holden School Library  DOD             
 RED  Redwood Library and Athenaeum              F 
 RHS  Rhode Island Historical Society Library  DOD             
 RIH  Rhode Island Hospital Library  DOD             
 RLW  Rhode Island Law Library              F 
 RST  Rhode Island State Library  DOD             
 RIC  RI College - Adams Library      M  T  W  H  F 
 RIA  RI Dept of Attorney General Library  DOD             
 RSD  RI School of Design Library        T       
 EPV  Riverside Branch Library      M  T  W  H  F 
 RMS  Riverside Middle School Library  DOD             
 SKH  Robert Beverly Hale Library      M    W  H   
 ROC  Rochambeau Branch Library      M  T  W  H  F 
 BRW  Rockwell School Library        T    H   
 ERH  Rocky Hill School Library            H   
 RWH  Roger Williams Hospital Library  DOD             
 RWL  Roger Williams University Law Library               
 RWU  Roger Williams University Library      M  T  W  H  F 
 BRI  Rogers Free Library      M  T  W  H  F 
 NHS  Rogers High School Library            H   
 SAS  Saint Andrew's School Library           W     F 
 SGA  Saint George's School Library      M    W    F 
 SRC  Salve Regina University Library      M  T  W  H  F 
 SHS  Scituate Middle/Senior High School Library      M      H   
 SHE  Shea High School Library          W     
 SMH  Smith Hill Branch Library        T  W  H   
 SMS  Smithfield High School Library        T    H   
 SKS  South Kingstown High School Library    SKS    T    H   
 SKI  South Kingstown Public Library      M  T  W  H  F 
 SPR  South Providence Branch      M    W    F 
 SWE  Sowams Elementary School Library    BMS           
 WSP  Springbrook Elementary School Library  DOD             
 OLF  St. Joseph Health Sciences Library  DOD             
 BVA  St. Mary Academy-Bay View High School Library          W    F 
 CDS  Stadium School Library      M      H   
 SST  State Street School Library  DOD             
 CLS  Stone Hill School Library            H   
 NTM  Thompson Middle School Library              F 
 CTS  Tiogue School Library  DOD             
 THS  Tiverton High School Library          W    F 
 TMS  Tiverton Middle School Library        T    H   
 TIV  Tiverton Public Library      M  T  W  H  F 
 WTH  Toll Gate High School Library      M         
 TOL  Tolman High School Library  DOD             
 TYL  Tyler Free Library      M    W    F 
 TUN  Union Branch Library        T       
 URI  URI - University Libraries      M  T  W  H  F 
 UPM  URI Pell Marine Science Library      M    W    F 
 URP  URl - Providence Library      M  T    H  F 
 VAM  Veterans Affairs Medical Center  DOD             
 WVM  Veterans Memorial Junior High School Library           W     
 SGM  Vincent J. Gallagher Middle School Library          W     
 WAN  Wanskuck Branch Library      M    W    F 
 WAR  Warwick Public Library      M  T  W  H  F 
 CWS  Washington Oak School Library              F 
 WPK  Washington Park Branch Library      M    W    F 
 SWK  West Kingston Elementary School Library    SKS           
 WWA  West Warwick Public Library      M  T  W  H  F 
 WWH  West Warwick Sr. High School Library        T    H   
 WHS  Westerly High School Library          W     
 WMS  Westerly Middle School Library  DOD             
 WES  Westerly Public Library      M  T  W  H  F 
 CVW  Western Coventry School Library  DOD             
 CEM  Western Hills School Library        T       
 WIL  Willett Free Library        T  W    F 
 CDT  William Dutemple School Library            H   
 HAL  William Hall Library      M  T  W  H   
 WWN  Winman Junior High School Library      M    W     
 WAI  Women and Infants Hospital Library  DOD             
 CWO  Woodridge School Library      M         
 WNS  Woonsocket Public Library      M  T  W  H  F 
 WAW  Wyman School Library  DOD             
DOD -- LORI libraries that can send or receive materials through the delivery but are not on a regular schedule because the delivery activity is minimal at this time.  DOD libraries can request an on-demand pickup any time.