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OLIS - LORI Delivery Update, June 17

[June 17, 2015] OLIS’ statewide library delivery has been up and running since May 26th.  Due to heavy volume, many drivers have been handling a backlog of materials and have been unable to maintain their schedule, though most libraries should be receiving delivery on time.  Scheduled delivery times may be off for some libraries over the course of the next 2 weeks or so as routes are finalized.

Delivery on Demand (DOD) libraries should be receiving delivery services.  DOD requests may be entered on the OLIS website at any time; requests received by 12 noon Monday thru Friday will be entered into the system for pickup on the following weekday.  Pickups will be incorporated into existing routes and will no longer be limited to Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Please note that DOD libraries will not receive more than 2 stops per week.  OLIS will monitor volume to determine if DOD libraries should be scheduled for regular delivery.

To place DOD requests or report delivery issues, please fill out the appopriate form on the OLIS-LORI Delivery Services website.

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