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OLIS - LORI Delivery Resumes May 26th

[May 21, 2015] OLIS’ statewide library delivery will resume on Tuesday, May 26th, with pickups at all libraries that have regularly scheduled delivery. On Wednesday, May 27, materials will be delivered and picked up at all libraries with regularly scheduled delivery. We ask for your patience as new drivers from Optima Shipping Service learn the routes and nuances of LORI delivery. In some cases, it may take a few days to clear the backlog of bins you have accumulated at your library.

A list of all regularly scheduled stops was emailed to all LORI libraries on May 21st. While the schedule may be adjusted as we move forward, please do not ask to change your delivery time. If the delivery time becomes a problem, or if there are any problems with delivery, please let OLIS know, using the same online procedure as before. Drivers should arrive at your library within one hour of the scheduled time.

Only libraries on regularly scheduled stops are on this list. DOD libraries will be able to place stop requests in the online form on the OLIS website beginning May 26th.

On Thursday or Friday (May 21, 22), drivers may stop at your library as they do “dry runs” of the routes. Please do not ask them to take materials during the dry runs, though you may provide them with a key to your dropbox if you have one at your library.

Over the next few weeks we will be working out any issues with delivery, and ask that you be patient during this transition period. Barcodes will be distributed to libraries over the next 30 days so drivers can scan their stops.

Please follow all procedures that were in place prior to the delivery suspension, including requests for Delivery on Demand. Procedures and forms to request delivery on demand or report issues are available on the LORI website. You will be notified if there are any changes in procedure.

Once again, thank you for your patience during the delivery suspension and during this transition period. We are confident that you will be provided with excellent service by Optima.

~OLIS Delivery Team