OLIS-LORI Delivery Items Count


Sunday October 14 to Saturday October 20, 2018
items count worksheet

OSL member libraries -- Count ALL non-OSL items (items not captured in Sierra) that are out-going in your delivery. This includes but not limited to anything out-going in your delivery bin to a Massachusetts library. At the end of the count you will add your non-OSL items count and your OSL items count together for each day. (Your OSL items count is captured by OSL and will be made available in OSL Connects for all public libraries to retrieve).

All libraries including DOD (Delivery on Demand) Hub and Satellite locations should participate in this count and record the number of outgoing items for their library. Please use the worksheet to record items.  A worksheet is available for printing online at worksheet.rtf or worksheet.pdf

Hub libraries do not count the items for the satellite libraries.  Each library must count their own outgoing items, meaning any item requiring a LORI 3 letter code or filling an ILL or Hold request must be counted if the delivery vendor will be picking it up.

How to Use the Delivery Item Count Worksheet

During the week of the items count, every time an OUTGOING “item” is placed into the Delivery bin at your library, count it.  Regardless of format or purpose or where it is going, if it is being transported out-going by the delivery service, count it.

Use hatch marks or numbers to record the number of outgoing items as they are placed into the bins or any container, and then record the total number of items at the end of the day. Write the total in the right column for Day Total.  Use a separate sheet for items count if there is not enough room in the attached record sheet. 

Designate one person to enter the results of the worksheet on the Monday following the week of the items count.  All results should be entered at one time. The link to the online form will be provided on the OLIS home page.

Please ensure that everyone in your library knows that items outgoing in the delivery must be recorded.  You may want to attach the items count worksheet to some type of barrier, such as a piece of stiff cardboard, so that staff members come upon it every time they are about to place something in the bin.  Having plenty of pencils or pens available is also a good idea.

Please do not send the items count worksheet to OLIS; the recorded data must be entered online.

Questions? Contact Kelley Lima at 574-9308.