LORI Delivery In-Transit Items

Over 2 million library materials pass through the LORI Delivery system each year. Most items reach their destination without incident; however, some have substantial delays or are reported missing. The following list denotes the most common reasons for materials going astray during the delivery process:

  • Lack of a delivery slip
  • Incorrect or invalid library code on delivery slip
  • Item sent to a non-LORI library
  • Lending Library did not place item in outgoing delivery bin
  • Borrowing Library did not properly check item into system
  • Item has been inadvertently shelved at either library

The courier does not hold materials at its facility. All materials received by the courier are sorted the same day, and distributed to libraries the next delivery day. Undeliverable items are sent to OLIS, and non-LORI items are sent back to the sending library. To ensure the item in transit arrives in a timely manner, it is important to follow this checklist:

  1. All materials placed in the LORI delivery system are properly labeled, and the delivery slip secured.
    See Delivery Best Practices.
  2. Only LORI library items are placed in the delivery system.
  3. Items are placed in the outgoing bin immediately after being marked "in transit" in the online catalog.
  4. Check-in procedure is properly executed before the returning items are shelved.

If a library receives a non-LORI item from a patron, the item must be dispositioned by the receiving library. Do not send non-LORI materials to OLIS for disposition; the materials will be returned to the sending library.

If a library deems the delivery vendor responsible for a missing item, use the Delivery Issues Report Form to report the incident.