OLIS-LORI Delivery

Delivery service is provided to members of the Library of Rhode Island (LORI) network for interlibrary loan and other resource sharing activities. 

2018 Spring Delivery Items Count

Duration: Sunday, April 8 – Saturday, April 14, 2018

OSL member libraries -- Count ALL non-OSL items (items not captured in Sierra) that are out-going in your delivery. This includes anything out-going in your delivery bin to a Massachusetts library. At the end of the count you will add your non-OSL items count and your OSL items count together for each day. (Your OSL items count is captured by OSL and will be made available in OSL Connects)

All libraries including DOD (Delivery on Demand) Hub and Satellite locations
Should participate in this count and record the number of outgoing items for their library. Please use the worksheet to record items.  A worksheet is available for printing online at worksheet.rtf or worksheet.pdf

Hub libraries do not count the items for the satellite libraries.  Each library must count their own outgoing items, meaning any item requiring a LORI 3 letter code or filling an ILL or Hold request must be counted if the delivery venodr will be picking it up.

Contact Kelley Lima via email or by phone at 401-574-9308 for questions

Count Instructions

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Contact Kelley Lima via email or by phone at 401-574-9308 for questions

If the delivery driver arrives at your location on your scheduled delivery day and the library is closed without prior notification to OLIS, your library may incur the cost of that stop (currently $26.03).

Libraries should notify OLIS as soon as possible, but no less than 24 hours before a scheduled delivery, of any closure not noted on the annual delivery survey of closures sent in August.

Delivery Guidelines

(LORI Libraries must follow these guidelines to use the delivery service)

Delivery slips and labels templates

Other Delivery Information