OLIS-LORI Delivery

Delivery service is provided to members of the Library of Rhode Island (LORI) network for interlibrary loan and other resource sharing activities. 

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Use the Delivery Issues Report Form to report missed stop, incomplete pick-ups, damaged items, library closures, and other issues. DOD library can request a pick up service with DOD Stop Request. Questions about the service? Contact Kelley Lima.

SignpostDelivery Guidelines

Check out the Best Practices and What Can Be Sent in Delivery for information. If you suspect a library item is missing in transit, walk through the scenario in In Transit Items in LORI Delivery before reporting the incident to OLIS. For materials that are beyond the scope of LORI resource sharing, follow the guidelines outlined in Requests to Use OLIS-LORI Delivery Service.

Participating Libraries

Find the LORI libraries participating in the Delivery service. The Delivery Stops List displays a list of all participating libraries. Search by library type, name, or location is possible via the Delivery Search page. The Interstate Delivery provides details of RI/MA colaboration to make resource sharing possible across the state border.

Delivery slips and labels templates

Print the Slips in PDF format or Slips in MS Word format. Or use the Delivery Labels to print on address label stock. Use Avery 5160, 5960 or any template from any label supplier, 1" x 2 5/8" , 30 to a page.

Other Information