Waiver Procedure

When a library is unable to comply with a particular LORI Sstandards and Regulations, the library must submit a Request for Waiver. The Office of Library and Information Services, Chief of Library Services, will render a written decision within six weeks of receiving the request.

Fill out the Request for Waiver form. Complete a separate form for each waiver request. Email the completed form to Chaichin Chen.

The library may appeal the decision of the Chief of Library Services to the Library Board of Rhode Island by sending a letter of appeal to the Chair of the Library Board of Rhode Island with a copy to the Chief of Library Services. The letter must be sent within four weeks of the decision.

The appeal will be heard by the Library Board of Rhode Island at its regular meeting or within six weeks of the appeal whichever comes first.

Written response to the appeal will be sent to the library within two weeks of the appeal hearing.