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Rhode Island libraries by Village

Use this page to look-up the city/town name for a village. Go back to the library directory search page with the browser's back button. Use the city/town name to find the library in the town or city near you.

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Abbott Run use Cumberland
Adamsville use Little Compton
Albion use Lincoln
Allendale use Smithfield
Allenton use North Kingstown
Alton use Richmond-Hopkinton
Annaquatucket use North Kingstown
Annawamscutt use Barrington
Anthony use Coventry
Apponaug use Warwick
Arcadia use Richmond
Arkwright use Coventry
Arnold Mills use Cumberland
Artic use West Warwick
Ashton use Cumberland
Austin use Exeter
Avondale use Westerly

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Barberville use Hopkinton 
Bay Spring use Barrington
Beach Terrace use Bristol
Bellefonte use Cranston
Belleville use North Kingstown
Berkeley use Cumberland
Bethel use Hopkinton
Birch Hill use West Warwick
Block Island use New Shoreham
Bradford use Westerly
Branch Village use North Smithfield
Bridgeport use Tiverton
Bridgeton use Burrillville
Bristol Ferry use Portsmouth
Burdickville use Hopkinton/Charlestown
Buttonwoods use Warwick

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Canonchet use Hopkinton
Carolina use Charlestown / Richmond
Central Falls
Centredale use North Providence
Centreville use Hopkinton
Centerville use West Warwick
Chepachet use Glocester
Chopmist use Scituate
Clarkville use Glocester
Clayville use Scituate-Foster
Clyde use West Warwick
Coggeshall use Warren
Coles use Warwick
Conanicut use Jamestown
Conimicut use Warwick
Cowesett use Warwick
Crompton use West Warwick

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Davisville use North Kingstown
Diamond Hill use Cumberland
Dunn's Corner use Westerly
Dyerville use Providence


East Greenwich
East Providence
Elmhurst use Richmond
Escoheag use West Greenwich
Esmond use Smithfield


Fairlawn use Pawtucket
Field Station use North Smithfield
Fisherville use Exeter
Fiskeville use Scituate
Fosterdale use North Smithfield
Frenchtown use East Greenwich
Fruit Hill use North Providence

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Galilee use Narragansett
Gazzaville use Burrillville
Georgiaville use Smithfield
Glen Rock use South Kingstown
Glen Rock use Scituate
Glendale use Burrillville
Gould use South Kingstown
Graniteville use Johnston
Graniteville use Burrillville
Grant Mills use Cumberland
Grayville use Tiverton
Greene use Coventry
Greeneville use Smithfield
Greenwood use Warwick
Greystone use North Providence

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Hamilton use North Kingstown
Hamlet use Woonsocket
Hampden Meadows use Barrington
Harmony use Glocester
Harrisville use Burrillville
Havershamsham use Westerly
Hillsdale use Richmond
Hillsgrove use Warwick
Homestead use Portsmouth
Hope use Scituate
Hope Valley use Hopkinton
Hopkins Hollow use Coventry
Hopkins Mills use Foster
Howard use Cranston
Hoxsie use Warwick
Hughesdale  use Johnston
Hummocks use Portsmouth
Hunt's Mills use East Providence
Huntsville use Burrillville

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Indian Run use South Kingstown
Island Park use Portsmouth


Jackson use Scituate
Jerry Brown Farm use South Kingstown
Jerusalem use Narragansett


Kenyon use Charlestown
Kingston use South Kingstown
Knightsville use Cranston


Lafayette use North Kingstown
Lake Bel Air use North SmithfieldBack to Search
Lakewood use Warwick
Laurel Hill use Burrillville
Laurel Park use Warren
Liberty use Exeter
Lime Rock use Lincoln
Lincoln Park use Warwick
Lippitt use West Warwick
Lippitt Hill use Providence
Little Compton
Locustville use Hopkinton
Longmeadow use Warwick
Lonsdale Old Village use Lincoln
Lymansville use North Providence


Manville use Lincoln
Mapleville use Burrillville
Marieville use North Providence
Matunuck use South Kingstown
Meadow View use Warwick
Melville use Portsmouth
Merino use Johnston
Meshanticut Park use Cranston
MiddletownBack to Search
Millville use Exeter
Misquamicut use Westerly
Mohegan use Burrillville
Mooresfield use South Kingstown
Moosup Valley use Foster
Moscow use Hopkinton



Narragansett Terrace use East Providence
Nasonville use Burrillville
Natick use West Warwick
New Shoreham
Nooseneck use West Greenwich
Nooseneck Hill use West Greenwich
North Kingstown
North Providence
North Smithfield

Norwood use Warwick

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Oak Valley use Burrillville
Oakland use Burrillville
Oakland Beach use Warwick
Oaklawn use Cranston
Old Buttonwoods use Warwick
Olneyville use Providence
Omega use East Providence


Pascoag use Burrillville
Pawtuxet use Cranston
Peace Dale use South Kingstown
Perryville use South Kingstown
Pheonix use West Warwick
Pine Ridge use Foster
Plainville use Burrillville
Plum Beach use North Kingstown
Ponagansett use Scituate/ Foster
Pontiac use Warwick
Potter Hill use Hopkinton
Potterville use Scituate
Primrose use North Smithfield
Prospect Hill use Lincoln
Prudence use Portsmouth

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Quidnick use Coventry
Quinnville use Lincoln
Quonochontaug use Charlestown


Rice use Coventry
Riverpoint use West Warwick
River View use Warwick
Riverside use East Providence
Rockland use Scituate
Rockville use Hopkinton
Rocky Brook use South Kingstown
Round Top use Burrillville
Rumford use East Providence


Sakonnet use Little Compton
Sand Dam use Chepachet/Glocester
Saunderstown use North Kingstown
Saundersville use Scituate
Saxonville use Burrillville
Saylesville use Lincoln
Shannock use Richmond/Charlestown
Shawomet use Warwick
Shelter Harbor use Westerly
Silver Lake use Providence
Silver Spring use East ProvidenceBack to Search
Simmonsville use Johnston
Slatersville use North Smithfield
Slocum use North Kingstown
Somerville use Warwick
South Kingstown
Spragueville use Smithfield
Spring Grove use Glocester
Spring Lake use Coventry
Stillmanville use Westerly
Stillwater use Smithfield
Summit use Coventry


Tarklin use Burrillville
Thornton use Johnston
Touisset use Warren


Union Village use North Smithfield
Usquepaug use South Kingstown


Valley Falls use Cumberland
Vernon use Foster

WBack to Search

Wakefield use South Kingstown
Wanskuck use Providence

Washington use Coventry
Watch Hill use Westerly
Waterford use North Smithfield
Weekapaug use Westerly
West Greenville use Smithfield
West Greenwich
West Kingston use South Kingstown
West Warwick
Westcott use Warwick-West Warwick
Whipple use Burrillville
White Rock use Westerly
Wickford use North Kingstown
Wickford Junction use North Kingstown
Williams Mill use Glocester
Wood River Junction use Richmond
Woodville use Hopkinton Back to Search
Woodville use North Providence
Wyoming use Richmond