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2011 LORI Grants Awards

Logo for Institute of Museum and Library ServicesOLIS awarded eleven LORI grants for 2011. LORI Grants are supported through the federal Institute of Museum and Library Services and funded by the grants to states program under the Library Services and Technology Act. An ad hoc committee of Library Board of RI reviewed grant proposals and made funding recommendations to OLIS. The 2011 LSTA sub-grants are for the period of October 1, 2010 through September 30, 2011.

Exeter Public Library

Amount Awarded: $21,402
Contact: Amy Neilson, Library Director

Project Title: The Learning@Zone Exeter Public Library

The purpose of this project is to create a collection of educational materials for students in grades K - 12, in traditional and non-traditional formats, that will be available to any person with a valid Ocean State Libraries library card. These materials will be carefully chosen for their ability to enhance and supplement traditional learning methods. It is expected that this collection will be primarily used by families who choose to educate their children at home, although any person who wishes to enrich their child's educational experience and spark their interest in learning will also benefit from this collection.

Mayor Salvatore Mancini Union Free Public Library & Cultural Center

Amount Awarded: $12,763
Contact: Mary Ellen Hardiman, Library Director

Project Title: Access for All

The project will expand public library services for early literacy through demonstration, modeling and loaning of the AWE Passport Edition Learning Stations to the public and long-term to other libraries for no additional cost. The Mancini Union Free Public Library will expand its offerings of 4 English and 1 Bilingual Spanish AWE Early Literacy Stations to include 5 of the AWE new Passbook external hard drive versions which would circulate for use at home (either on home computers or one of two netbooks it will lend for that purpose). The Library will also purchase 10 of the Passports and 3 additional netbooks to be circulated to other interested libraries, so can evaluate them over a significant time period with no upfront costs.

Providence Community Library

Amount Awarded: $50,000
Contact: Steve Kumins, Director of Development

Project Title: Citywide Extended Learning Program

Citywide Extended Learning Program (CELP) is a unified, system-wide after-school program that will provide formal year-round programming and daily after-school homework help and tutoring for youths ages 7-18 in each of Providence Community Library's nine libraries. The LORI Grant will assist in the launching of a unified, system-wide after-school program that is being built on a foundation of highly successful programs that have been offered at PCL's nine libraries throughout the years. Classes will be offered after school Monday through Thursday, on Saturdays during the school year, and each weekday during the summer. They will be offered for different age groups and the classes will be subject-specific, each one four to eight weeks in duration. The project aligns with the LSTA priority of target[ing] library and information services to persons having difficulty using a library and to under-served urban and rural communities, including children from families with incomes below the poverty line.

Ocean State Libraries

Amount Awarded: $40,000
Contact: Joan Gillespie, OSL Executive Director

Project Title: Ocean State Libraries Organizational Review

Ocean State Libraries will evaluate the effectiveness of the Ocean State Libraries (OSL) consortium, to determine if it is meeting member needs while fulfilling its mission and goals in the best possible way. The results of the study will be an important input into better positioning OSL for the future. Based on the response to an RFP, a consultant will be engaged to analyze OSL's organizational and committee structures, and submit a report complete with findings, recommendations, and suggested implementation steps, which will be presented to the membership at a General Meeting of the Membership.

Warwick Public Library

Amount Awarded: $20,000
Contact: Diane Greenwald, Library Director

Project Title: Branch Library Service: Roadmap for the Future

The goal of the project is to develop a plan for the future of branch library services in the City of Warwick. A consultant will be hired to review the Library's mission, operations, staffing and services and the role of the branches in the system. The review will identify any gaps that exist between what the Warwick Library provides and what residents need and expect through branch services. A consultant will produce a report with recommendations on current and future services of the branch libraries of the Warwick Public Library, including their facilities, locations, staffing, services, and holdings. At the end of this project the Warwick Library will be able to successfully chart a future course for the branches and incorporate this into a strategic plan for the Library system for 2012-2015. An informational session about the project will be scheduled so that the study can be used as a model by other library systems.

Providence Public Library

Amount Awarded: $15,000
Contact: K. Ellen Bullard, Assistant Director/Project Director

Project Title: Digital Heritage - Remember Rhode Island

The vision of Remember Rhode Island is a single portal that will provide access to every publicly available historical image/photograph/texts related to the history of Rhode Island. Doing this is predicated on first having a solidly based, realistic, comprehensive plan for the project. The goal of this LORI Grant project is to create a planning document to ensure feasibility; to fully engage partners; to craft a highly fundable grant application with an outstanding cast of partners; and, to ultimately provide the pathway and foundation for future funding opportunities. The planning document will include a program design with partners, scope, activities, costs, technical requirements, copyright issues, time frame, maintenance requirements, future fiscal support necessary for ongoing maintenance, and other issues as identified. The document will be in its final form as an IMLS Leadership grant application. A librarian or archivist with digital projects expertise will be engaged to carry out the study.

North Kingstown Free Library

Amount Awarded: $9,125
Contact: Susan Moreland, Project Director

Project Title: Mobile Computing Laptops

The five laptop computers acquired through this grant will expand capacity of the five unit mobile lab on-loan to the North Kingstown Free Library from the Broadband Opportunities Grant (BTOP) grant to Ocean State Libraries. Using mobile computers in library meeting rooms will provide a hands-on learning environment heretofore unavailable in the library.

RI State Law Library and RI State Library

Amount Awarded: $12,000
Contact: Karen Quinn, State Law Librarian

Project Title: Rhode Island Treasures: A Digitization Partnership
Project Partner: RI State Library

The Rhode Island State Library and the Rhode Island State Law Library will undertake a digitization program of many of their unique state materials and historical collections. The libraries' cooperative project will invest in training, infrastructure and digital content management, to make these Rhode Island Treasures accessible online to researchers, students and all the people of Rhode Island. At the same time, the original documents will be preserved and protected for future generations. Working collaboratively to provide access to previously unavailable resources, the end result will support educational and research activities and fulfill strategic mission and goals of the participating institutions. Moreover, the project will create a foundation for future cooperative partnerships of agencies and multi type libraries and bring Rhode Island libraries one step closer to a model statewide digitization project.

Pawtucket Public Library

Amount Awarded: $6,000
Contact: Susan L. Reed, Library Director

Project Title: Pawtucket Hands On Laptops
Project Partner: RI Family Literacy Initiative and RI Institute for Labor Studies & Research

The Pawtucket Public Library offers three levels of adult ESL classes, serving approximately 100 students, by partnering with the Rhode Island Family Literacy Initiative and the Rhode Island Institute for Labor Studies and Research. The four laptop computers acquired through this grant will expand capacity of the ten unit mobile lab awarded to Pawtucket Public Library from the BTOP grant to Ocean State Libraries. Two additional laptops received from Ocean State Charities Trust expand the total capacity to sixteen. The number of attendees at the libraries classes and programs number in the 15 to 20 range. These adult learners need computer instruction for many reasons: *The majority of the students are in the labor market, either employed or seeking work. They need to be computer literate in order to enter and advance in the workforce. *Computers are an effective tool for teaching English in the ESL classroom. Computer access allows for individualized online phonics, vocabulary and comprehension lessons and allow topics to be explored in greater depth, using real-life applications. *Learners who are parents need to develop computer literacy in order to support their children's education by helping them with homework and research projects. *Participants in classes like to use English language websites, such as usalearns.org, to continue their learning outside of the classroom on their own time. Distance learning as a component of adult literacy is increasingly being emphasized by the RI Department of Education, a major funder of Pawtucket's ESL classes.

East Providence Public Library

Amount Awarded: $1,500
Contact: Eileen Socha, Library Director

Project Title: EZONE Download Station

To increase circulation of down-loadable library materials the East providence Public Library will purchase an accessible digital download station for the Ocean State Libraies' collection of EZONE materials. A stand alone station will provide an improved environment for staff to offer instruction to patrons.

Redwood Library and Athenaeum

Amount Awarded: $10,000
Contact: Lori Brostuen, Project Director

Project Title: Brostuen
Project Partner: Retrospective Conversion of Art Book Records

The grant supports on-going retrospective conversion of art book catalog records in the Redwood Library and Athenaeum's general collections with the addition of an on-demand publication of a guide to the collection. By obtaining machine-readable catalog records from OCLC for these manually cataloged collections and making them available in the library's online catalog, the Redwood can share these often rare library resources across institutional, local, regional and state boundaries. The guide will cover materials from four centuries and be printed as a paperback volume for at-cost sale and made available as a free download from on the Library's website.

Providence Public Library

Amount Awarded: $5,390
Contact: K. Ellen Bullard, Assistant Director/Project Director

Project Title: Edith Wetmore Collection of Children's Books Cataloging Project

This project will employ a cataloger to complete the cataloging and uploading into Ocean State Libraries database of approximately 1600 volumes of the 2000 volume Edith Wetmore Collection of Children's Books. The Collection includes first editions of many classics, as well as a representative array of books from European and Asian countries.