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2006 LORI Grants Awards

The Rhode Island Family Literacy Initiative (RIFLI)

Amount Awarded: $45,000
Applying Agency: Providence Public Library Collaborative
Grant Administrator: Louise B. Moulton

Description:The Rhode Island Family Literacy Initiative (RIFLI) offers a free first step, learner-centered, intergenerational literacy program for families facing social, economic, and educational barriers because of limited English language skills. RIFLI is a public library collaboration designed to benefit adult ESOL learners and their families in partnership with other community partners. The partner libraries are Cranston, East Providence, Pawtucket, and Providence Public Libraries. West Warwick Public Library is the first “affiliate”, a financially independent member of RIFLI.

RIFLI seeks to improve the English language skills of adult learners. The program encourages parents to take a leadership role in promoting literacy to their children as well as actively promoting education with their children. Families are connected to the wealth of free information, technology and resources available at public libraries. Computers are integrated into the program as a tool for learning. The program acts as the gateway for new immigrant families needing access to other educational and social service organizations. Library collections are developed to enhance language development and facilitate and encourage civic participation. Family Literacy classes are offered year round at the RIFLI sites in three sessions at each site. Teachers conduct parent teacher conferences to discuss each child’s needs and share ways that parents can support their children’s learning. Classes are offered for adult learners interested in the citizenship process and voting rights and responsibilities.

Phone: (401) 455-8134
Website: Rhode Island Family Literacy Initiative

Central Falls Public Library Literacy Program (CFPLLP)

Amount Awarded: $20,000
Applying Agency: Central Falls Public Library
Grant Administrator: Laura Marlane

Description: This is a first year LSTA literacy grant to the Central Falls Public Library. The program will continue the work of the Institute for Labor Studies and Research’s Mobile Education Center (MEC). Over a thirty week period, MEC served 137 adults. 98% of these adults were Hispanic. It is reported that Central Falls has the highest percentage of Hispanic residents living in a concentrated area in Rhode Island. The Central Falls Public Library will address survival and basic literacy skills for this adult population. The library will work cooperatively with Project RI Regional Adult Learning (RIRAL), Progresso Latino, as well as the Institute for Labor Studies and Research (ILSR). CFPLLP will target at least 120 adults of the City’s Hispanic population. The Literacy Program will provide this population with free access to classes in pre-GED writing, beginning ESOL, and intermediate work readiness and conversation classes. The project will be staffed by a Literacy Coordinator and an experienced ABE teacher. Outcomes of this program will be posted on the Central Falls Public Library website.

Phone: (401) 727-7440

Literacy Volunteers of Kent County, Inc.

Amount Awarded: $10,000
Applying Agency: Coventry Public Library
Grant Administrator: Joseph Suffredini

Description: Coventry Public Library in partnership with Literacy Volunteers of Kent County (LVKC) helps adult ABE and ESL learners improve literacy skills through one-to-one volunteer tutoring. Critical to the LSTA project is the recruitment and training of new tutors. LVKC trains volunteers to use the methods of ProLiteracy America. These methods are proven learner-centered techniques which include the Language Experience Approach, Whole Language, and Competency-Based instruction. Tutoring is always free of charge and confidential. In fiscal year 2006, LVKC served 57 students from 18 different countries. In July 2006, LVKC reported having 25 students waiting to be matched with a tutor.

Phone: (401) 822-9103

RILINK EASL: Expanding Access for Small Libraries

Amount Awarded: $75,000
Applying Agency: Rhode Island Library Information Network for Kids (RILINK), with the East Bay Educational Collaborative
Grant Administrator: Dorothy Frechette

Description: RILINK will upgrade its RICAT automated system, with the capacity to serve a minimum of 100 individual libraries. Interlibrary loan functionality, with the ability for all member libraries in the statewide library network (LORI) to place interlibrary loan requests online, will also be added. With the upgraded system, RILINK can meet projected needs for entire school districts, such as Warwick and Pawtucket, to have all of their school libraries use RICAT. RILINK can also explore options for adding libraries in charter schools, as well as small libraries of other types, such as historical society libraries, that are not currently served by the public or academic library consortia in Rhode Island.

Phone: 245-4998, ext. 320