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Individual Return on Investment Calculator

The Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator determines the value of library services in Rhode Island communities based on per capita spending of local and state funding. For municipalities with more than one independent library, it determines the ROI for all libraries in that community. Learn more about how the calculator works.

Which Rhode Island library do you visit?

Please enter the number of times you use the following library services each month:

Your UseLibrary ServicesValue of Services
Value you receive monthly from your library: $
For every $1.00 in taxes you spend on public libraries in your library, you receive $ of value in return*

Where did these numbers come from?

Typical taxpayer contributions are determined from the library's 2007 local income per capita, which includes the local appropriation and state grant-in-aid. For Rhode Island libraries, this information is available on the chart of tax dollars expended on public libraries. The figures for the value of library service are from the Maine State Library's Library Use Value Calculator. For more information, see their explanation. The calculator was developed by the Library Research Service of the Colorado State Library and used by permission.

*Your personal return on investment is based on your responses and the average annual tax contribution for your library. You see a returned value of $ for every one dollar invested. View data on tax dollars expended on RI public libraries.

Want to add a calculator to your library's website?

If you are interested in adding an ROI calculator to your website, tailored specifically to your library, there are clear directions provided by the Library Research Service at the Colorado State Library - just insert the appropriate values for RI public libraries. If you have questions, please contact Karen Mellor at OLIS.

See a demo of what you can put on your library's website: Denver Public Library or OLIS.