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OLIS Staff Directory

Karen Andrews Karen.Andrews@olis.ri.gov Andrews
Assistant Administrative Officer
Karen provides support to the Chief of Library Services and serves as Office Manager for OLIS.  She is responsible for organizational records management, assists the State Data Coordinator with the public library annual report, and is a member of the OLIS web team. Karen's former positions include managerial and administrative roles in the areas of IT, lean manufacturing & continuous improvement processes, quality systems auditing, digital literacy training, and office management. She joined the OLIS staff in 2013 and graduated from New England Institute of Technology with a Business degree.

Nicolette Baffoni Nicolette.Baffoni@olis.ri.govNicolette
Adult Services Coordinator
Nicolette is the Adult Services Coordinator, strengthening and supporting programs for adult education, workforce development and learning in libraries. Prior to joining OLIS in 2017, Nicolette served as a school library media specialist in Burrillville, Rhode Island at the Austin T. Levy Elementary School. In addition to teaching K-5 library and technology classes, she helped to develop and deliver technology training for teachers in support of the district's technology initiatives. She has also held positions at public and academic libraries. From 2016-2017, she served as a Fuse Fellow through the Highlander Institute to support and guide blended learning initiatives focusing on the use of technology to promote equitable and personalized learning. She also serves on the friends group at her local public library. Nicolette earned a bachelor's degree in English from Brown University and a Master of Library and Information Science from the University of Rhode Island.

Neshmayda Calderon Neshmayda.Calderon@olis.ri.govNeshmayda
Information Services Technician
Talking Books Plus
Neshmayda has been with the Talking Books Plus program since 2008, where she works in the area of patron services, including service to Spanish speaking individuals.  She is also a member of the Continuing Education team and handles web development for Talking Books Plus. Outside of OLIS, she serves on the RI Department of Administration Human Resources Office Spanish Fluency Panel. Her bi-cultural background has led her to a number of volunteer opportunities. Neshmayda has a Bachelor degree in Business Administration from the Universidad del Este (UNE) in Carolina, Puerto Rico.

Chaichin Chen Chaichin.Chen@olis.ri.govChen
Library Program Specialist
LORI Network Services / Web Development
Chaichin is the Library of Rhode Island (LORI) Resource Sharing Coordinator. In addition to the LORI network, her areas of responsibility include leading the Web Development Team, developing continuing education programs, and various special projects. She is also the Library E-rate Coordinator for Rhode Island and represents OLIS at Ocean State Libraries (OSL), the LORI Resource Sharing Working Group, and the OSL Library Technology Working Group. Chaichin joined the OLIS staff in 1997; prior to that she was the Director of the State Publication Clearinghouse at the RI State Library and a Technical Information Specialist with Plan International in Warwick. Chaichin holds a Master of Library and Information Science degree from the University of Rhode Island.

Jeremy CutlerJeremy.Cutler@olis.ri.govCutler
Information Services Technician
LORI Network Services
Jeremy has been with OLIS since 2009. Prior to joining OLIS, he worked at a variety of jobs, from software support to bartending to nightclub bouncer to construction. This diversity of experience foreshadowed his responsibilities with OLIS. Jeremy's primary role at OLIS is handling all of the department's financial transactions. While this keeps him very busy, he is also a member of the LORI Network Services team with a focus on delivery, as well as being responsible for OLIS' youth services web pages as a member of the web team. Every so often he is asked to call upon his construction days to lift and move heavy objects. An avid library patron, Jeremy can often be found on his lunch break reading graphic novels and the occasional book without pictures. Jeremy graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a degree in English.

Donna Longo DiMichele Donna.DiMichele@olis.ri.govDonna DiMichele
Library Program Manager
LSTA Coordinator
Donna is a Program Manager and the IMLS-LSTA Coordinator for OLIS. Her responsibilities include monitoring and reporting for the federal Library Services and Technology Act grant and LORI Grants, preservation and disaster planning, and OLIS administration. She represents OLIS on the Advisory Committee of the RI Center for the Book. Donna is appointed by the Governor to the State's Historic Records Advisory Board. Previous work experience includes Mashantucket Pequot Museum and Research Center, the RI State Archives, the Brown University Archives and Duke University Library. Donna has a Master degrees in Cultural Anthropology from the American University and in Library Science from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and a BA in Anthropology from URI. She joined the OLIS staff in 2000. On a personal note, when deciding on a book to read, her first choices are literary or historical fiction.

Andrew Egan Andrew.Egan@olis.ri.govEgan
Regional Librarian
Talking Books Plus
Andrew is supervisor of Talking Books Plus, the regional library for the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped.  He joined the OLIS staff in 1980, starting his career as an Institutional Consultant working to develop library resources at other state facilities. He also worked as a Library Consultant in Network Services to assist local libraries.  Andy earned his Master of Library Science degree from the University of Rhode Island.

Kelley Lima Kelley.Lima@olis.ri.gov Lima
Information Services Technician
LORI Network Services
Kelley started working at OLIS in 1987 and has worked in many capacities in her 27 years here. She started as a Senior Clerk Typist and is now an Information Technician. Her duties include maintaining the ILL Clearinghouse for public libraries that do not have access to the OCLC database, and maintenance of the LORI Delivery Service for the LORI Network Services team.  Kelley has also worked in the Frank Iacono (OLIS) Library for many years and continues to perform cataloging duties for the library’s now small but significant collection.

Danielle Margarida Danielle.Margarida@olis.ri.govDanielle
Library Program Specialist
Youth Services
Danielle is OLIS Youth Services Coordinator and has over 10 years of experience as Head of Youth Services at the Sharon (Mass). Public Library where she served patrons from birth to 18 years of age. In Sharon, she formed partnerships between the Sharon Public Library and preschools, school libraries and community agencies. Before working in Sharon, Danielle was the Youth Services Librarian at the Dighton Public Library.

She earned a Master’s in Library and Information Science from URI GSLIS and a BA from Regis College. She also holds a Professional Certificate of Librarianship from the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners.

Karen Mellor Karen.Mellor@olis.ri.gov Mellor
Chief of Library Services
Karen is the executive and administrative officer in charge of OLIS.  As such, she is responsible for developing the master plan for library development, interlibrary cooperation and resource sharing in the state.  Karen began her career at OLIS in 1999 as a Library Program Specialist, working on the Public Library Construction Reimbursement Program and in Talking Books Plus.  Throughout her time at OLIS, she has worked to construct both physical and virtual libraries, bringing together her expertise in library construction, online services and resources, and web development. She has also worked on continuing education, both as a presenter and planner, and on statewide initiatives such as workforce development and adult education.  She is also involved in regional and national initiatives for library development, and is especially interested in integrating emerging technologies with traditional library services to develop local libraries as critical community centers for learning and discovery.  Karen earned an undergraduate degree in Semiotics at Brown University and a Master of Science in Library and Information Science from Simmons College.

Lauren Plews lauren.plews@olis.ri.govPlews
Library Program Specialist II
State Data Coordinator
Lauren is the State Data Coordinator, gathering data through the Public Library Annual Report and other tools and conducting research and creating reports on library services in Rhode Island. Prior to joining OLIS in 2016, she served as a research librarian for a private research firm, an information specialist for a national non-profit in Canada and has worked as a reference librarian in public libraries. In all of these arenas she gathered and translated data for her patrons, clients and colleagues in order to help them use data in meaningful ways. Lauren has also taught classes in Special Libraries and the Organization of Information at the University of Rhode Island's Graduate School of Library and Information Studies. She holds a Master of Science in Information from The University of Michigan and a Bachelor degree in Journalism from Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Alicia Waters Alicia.Waters@olis.ri.govAlicia
Library Program Specialist
LORI Network Services
Alicia is the LORI Statewide Library Delivery Service Coordinator and Reference Librarian for the Frank Iacono (OLIS) Library, serving professional librarians and library students throughout the state.  Other areas of responsibility include continuing education programming and web development.  She is a member of the Ocean State Libraries (OSL) Reference Working Group, OLIS Resource Sharing Working Group and Multi-Type Reference Group. Alicia began working at OLIS in 1987 as a library technician in Talking Books Plus and has worked in many capacities since, including designing many of OLIS’ publications. Alicia received her Master of Library and Information Science degree from the University of Rhode Island.