OLIS Staff List by Services

This directory is also listed alphabetically by staff last name.

Adult Services

Nicolette Baffoni - (401)574-9316

Adult services provides consultation services and programs to support adult services in libraries, including adult education, workforce development, digital literacy and more.

Continuing Education

Lauren Plews - (401)574-9305

Continuing education programming is an integral part of the Office of Library and Information Services’ effort to increase the competencies of the staffs of Rhode Island libraries and explore emerging professional issues. See the CE online brochure and registration.

Construction Reimbursement

Karen Mellor - (401)574-9304

The Public Library Construction Reimbursement Program provides guidance in all aspects of public library construction programs from inception to completion and reimburses up to 50% of the eligible costs for construction and renovation projects.

Disaster & Preservation

Donna Longo DiMichele - (401)574-9303

RI law requires that public libraries maintain Disaster Plans and Preservation Plans.OLIS requests them in digital form as part of the Application for Grant-in-Aid. Resources for all types of libraries are on the OLIS website.

Library Board of Rhode Island

Karen Mellor - (401)574-9304

The Library Board is composed of seventeen members, fifteen of whom are appointed by the Governor to represent various groups and interests related to library services, as well as two ex officio members who represent Elementary and Higher Education.

Public Library Grant-in-Aid, Annual Survey and Reports

Lauren Plews - (401)574-9305

The public library survey collects statistical library data including finances, personnel, programs and services. The state Grant-in-Aid application is a subset of the public library survey. The grant reimburses a percentage of local expenditures to cities and towns for public library services at qualifying libraries.

Resource Sharing, Delivery, and Regulations

Kelley Lima - (401)574-9308
Chaichin Chen - (401)574-9307

Services and information about the LORI membership, resource sharing, and the Library of Rhode Island Standards.

Talking Books Library (TBL) and Library Services for People with Disabilities

Alicia Waters, Library Services Coordinator (401)574-9315
Neshmayda Calderon, Information Specialist (401)574-9313

General Phone: (401)574-9310
email: tbplus@olis.ri.gov

For information on talking books and resources for libraries to extend services to and accommodate people with disabilities. TBL is a general library collection of books and magazines in alternate formats, such as cassette and braille. Eligible individuals and institutions may apply for service. All materials are loaned free of charge and sent "Free Matter" through the U.S. mail.

Youth Services

Danielle Margarida - (401)574-9309

Provides consultation services in the areas of collection development, programming, services, facilities, policies, planning and evaluation for library staff working with youth ages birth to 18.