Rhode Island State Laws Relating to Libraries

All links connect to the State of Rhode Island General Laws (RI General Assembly website).
**See also Rules and Resolutions Relating to Libraries and Legislative Updates.

The GENERAL LAWS OF RHODE ISLAND, 1956, Reenactment of 1994, including supplements, published by the Michie Company, are the official record of the General Laws of RI. In print are included the history of the sections, cross references and index. The online source of the GENERAL LAWS is the RI General Assembly's web site at http://www.rilin.state.ri.us/Statutes/Statutes.html, without the history of the sections and cross references. Also available at the General Assembly web site are the PUBLIC LAWS OF RHODE ISLAND, 1994-. Print copies of the GENERAL LAWS OF RHODE ISLAND are available in the OLIS Library and many other RI libraries.

For matters affecting legal rights, please refer to the printed version of the appropriate official publication.