LSTA in Rhode Island

The following OLIS programs and services are funded in part or in whole by federal funds provided through the Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA):

  • Summer Reading Programs
    LSTA funds support the statewide summer reading programs hosted by every public library in Rhode Island. OLIS coordinates programs for children, teens, and adults and provides materials created by the Collaborative Summer Library Program along with educational programs in libraries (2 for every public library building in the state). LSTA funds also support Kids Reading Across Rhode Island, a statewide reading initiative for children in grades 3-5.
  • Resource Sharing (Interlibrary Loan and Delivery)
    LSTA funds enable Rhode Islanders to connect with hard-to-find research materials at libraries around the state or around the world. OLIS subscribes to OCLC FirstSearch and WorldShare to facilitate resource discovery and borrowing for libraries, and obtains these items for them. LSTA funds also supplement state funds to support inter-library delivery in Rhode Island (LORI Delivery).
  • Talking Books Library
    LSTA funds make it possible for Rhode Islanders who are blind, visually impaired or physically disabled to receive library materials in accessible formats for free through the US Postal Service. OLIS provides service as a regional library for the blind and physically handicapped, coordinating access to and delivery of reading materials for people who are not able to read traditional print material.
  • Workforce Support and Language Learning
    LSTA funds are used to purchase Learning Express Library, an online test preparation service, and Mango Languages, a language learning tool, on AskRI. Learning Express provides test preparation resources for professional certification examinations for electricians, plumbers, commercial truck drivers, firefighters, nurses, teachers and more, as well as for college entrance exams, citizenship tests and high school equivalency. Mango Languages provides language learning tools for over 70 languages and 20 languages for non-English speakers seeking to learn English.
  • Support for Libraries
    LSTA funds enable OLIS to provide a wide variety of services to libraries to develop and preserve collections and to enhance and expand learning opportunities offered by Rhode Island libraries. OLIS helps coordinate statewide programs on financial, health and digital literacy. OLIS staff provide professional workshops that expand the skills of librarians.

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